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Injectable cosmetics to par...

By OPA Editor, on 22 August, 2012

Injectable cosmetics – to paralyse or fill ? By Marinis Pirpiris To paralyse or fill? I am not sure which is more attractive. As you may be aware, there is a growing health market in cosmetic injectables, that can either paralyse or fill. The marketing campaign may not be aggressive in Australia, however the social pressure to con...

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Kheirons Corner

By OPA Editor, on 24 November, 2011

Kheirons Corner I am a 45 year-old executive in the city and would very much like to find time to run. However every time I run I have shin splints. Do you have any suggestions regarding the management of the pain? Do I need to change my footwear? Thank-you for your question. “Shin splints” is often a term given to pain that...

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