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Unauthorized Construction i...

By OPA Editor, on 15 February, 2012

Unauthorized construction (“afthereta”) in Greece. Declare it now and save it! By John Tripidakis LL.B.(Athens), LL.M. (London) Australian registered foreign (Greek) lawyer, entitled to practice foreign (Greek) law only ( ********* One of the greatest problem...

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Theophany The Feast of Chri...

by Fr Kyril , on 05 January, 2012

Theophany is one of the 12 Great Feasts of the Orthodox Church and is celebrated on January 6. This feast is also significant because it marks the beginning of Christ’s ministry. Theophany is also known as Epiphany which just means: appearance, or revealing. In the early Church, Theophany was both the celebration of Christ’s birth (Chr...

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Welcome to everyday chef

By OPA Editor, on 22 October, 2011

Welcome to everyday chef A new and exciting concept which gives YOU the opportunity to share your recipe, or someone else’s, with all of our OPA! Magazine readers. Have you always thought your Mum makes the best stiffado, your Aunty makes the best avgolemmono, or you make the best hortopittes? Well, now is the time to share yo...

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PHG Fundraiser a Success

by Heleena , on 21 September, 2011

Pan Hellenic Games – Fundraiser: Women’s Football Date: September 11 th Venue: Johnny Sorrentos The night began with small glimpses of blue and white, and a distinct smell of gyro in the air. As the final Greek flag was placed alongside an olive tree (because where else would you put it?!), the team, coaches, family...

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The Communion of Dead Man

By OPA Editor, on 13 August, 2011

THE COMMUNION OF DEAD MEN By John Sakellaris Sometimes it seems that certain things happen for a reason. I was in need of an urgent plan to escape the rain so I ducked down into a local basement bar. The all too familiar scentof beer and body heat was immediate. As too, was the sticky floor and tacky wallpaper, coupled with the odd inebria...

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Iron Mike Comes to Town

By OPA Editor, on 27 July, 2011

It was with a great sense of honour and excitement that Melbourne’s business and community leaders attended a special honorary dinner to recognise and pay respect to the one and only “Iron” Mike Zambidis as he hit town to square off against staunch opponent and foe, John Wayne Parr in the fight billed as ‘The D...

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John Lazarou

By OPA Editor, on 25 July, 2011

It’s always great to catch up with good friend and iconic coffee magnate,John Lazarou, director of ‘The Coffee Club.’ When he called and said hewas coming down to Melbourne for a day or two, I couldn’t resist and hadto ask, “Where will I meet you?” and giggled. “Gee you ‘re a cheeky one,”he repl...

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Three Songs No Flash

By OPA Editor, on 19 June, 2011

And so it begins… For John Raptis, photography was something that he became very interested in sometime in late 2003. “At the time I was a co-director of my own multimedia company and felt that I needed a creative outlet away from the hustle and bustle of running a business and being the creative lead at the same time. Photograph...

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