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By OPA Editor, on 15 January, 2012

Lipsmack Wireless guitars, ripped jeans, wild hair and excitement everywhere… This is just a little taste of what you would expect to see at a Lipsmackgig. Lipsmack is a dynamic all girl rock band sensation consisting of 3 girls brought together by their common passion for music… and the Greek community. First establ...

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Tommy The Greek Hrones

By OPA Editor, on 19 August, 2011

Tommy ‘The Greek’ Hrones Master and Pioneer of Pinstriping By Dean Psaros Pinstriping is a delicate form of artwork used mainly to decorate and enhance cars, everything from sedans to pick-up trucks and motorbikes. Whilst it is also popular to decorate everything from boats, to surf boards, to guitars to upright basses e...

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The Communion of Dead Man

By OPA Editor, on 13 August, 2011

THE COMMUNION OF DEAD MEN By John Sakellaris Sometimes it seems that certain things happen for a reason. I was in need of an urgent plan to escape the rain so I ducked down into a local basement bar. The all too familiar scentof beer and body heat was immediate. As too, was the sticky floor and tacky wallpaper, coupled with the odd inebria...

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